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Logfiles Suck

Very frequently we get sent logfiles from customers who are having a problem, and who are often surprised when we say that the logs aren’t really of much use. It’s a perfectly reasonable assumption, that’s what the logs are for, right? How can we say they’re useless, especially when Traffic Global – or anything else […]

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Traffic Global for X-Plane Dev Diary – July

Originally published on Welcome back, and congratulations on your persistence if you’ve been here from the start! This month’s diary needs to take a bit of a step back which, as will become clear, is very appropriate. I’d like to talk about something that happened during the internal beta, and I need to start by […]

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Traffic Global for X-Plane Dev Diary – June

Originally published on Welcome back! So far in these diaries I’ve been trying to talk a bit about what the development of something like this feels like from the “other side”; not just a “what I did on my summer holidays”-type essay in multiple parts, but what the thought processes and drives are for someone […]

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